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Man swallows bellyful of cocaine pellets, collapses at Miami airport

MIAMI – A Polish man who collapsed at Miami International Airport was taken to a Hialeah hospital, where medical staff found a large number of cocaine-filled pellets in his stomach, police said.

Waldemar Wojtczak, 45, was arrested last month after a doctor removed the drugs from his stomach, according to a Miami-Dade police report obtained Tuesday.

According to the report, Wojtczak ingested 53 powder-filled pellets that tested positive for cocaine.

Because Wojtczak “was unable to release the pellets on his own” after several days in the intensive care unit, the medical staff decided to perform surgery on him to remove the pellets before they ruptured.

cocaine pellets
Miami-Dade Police DepartmentPolice say these cocaine-filled rubber pellets were removed from Waldemar Wojtczak’s stomach.

A doctor performed the surgery Sept. 7, removing 53 rubber pellets from inside his upper and lower abdomen.

After the surgery, Wojtczak was in critical condition in the ICU, where he remained until he was booked.

Wojtczak faces a charge of trafficking cocaine. He remains in jail without bond.


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