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Hidden Truth:May 1. is not workers’ day and never was

May 1. is not workers’ day and never was, it’s the day the order of the Illuminati was founded in Germany by Adam Weishaupt, capitalism and communism are two faces of the same evil, created by the Illuminati, Karl Marx was secretary of a secret society called ‘The Legaue of Just Men’, they wrote the Das Capital and promoted it by Karl Marx, just like they promoted Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler etc.
May 1. will never bring freedom or salvation, revolutions are manipulated and hijacked by the Illuminati and bring more slavery and death to the masses.
Illuminati is top of the power pyramid of the world, they worship demons and Satan behind different names and symbols such as Lucifer/Eagle/Sun God/Phoenix/Eye of Horus/All seeing eye/Satan.
Illuminati is the organised evil on earth manifesting itself as Rockefellers and Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve Bank, Jesuit order in Vatican controlling Popes and Cardinals and through them the Christian society, British royal family, political zionists ( AskeNazi Jews who are from Khazaria and are the Synagogue of Satan ) controlling Jewish community, so called Islamic leaders of different sects who are freemasons controlling Muslim world, secret Illuminati bloodline families in China and Japan controlling Triads and Yakuza, world organisations such as UniTed Nations, NATO, IMF, Bank of International Settlements, Federal Reserve Bank etc.
Satanic principle of the Illuminati
Order ab Chao, problem-reaction-solution or thesis-antithesis-synthesis ( Hegelian Dialect ):
First secret Illuminati agents in governments and society create too much chaos and dissent until people are fed up with then they introduce their solutions to these problems and people accept these solutions. This is problem-reaction-solution formula, they wanted to bring in police state in USA and invade some Middle East countries for some reasons for guns, oil and drugs. According to formula they attacked World Trade Center on 9/11 ( Problem ), people were frustrated ( Reaction ) and they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and passed The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) ( Solution ).

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