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Why Store Razors Are a Waste of Money

If you’re like most guys and buy your shaving supplies at the drugstore, you’re overpaying for your razors and refills — as much as $20 to $50 every month.

And if you also wind up with painful razor bumps, in-grown hairs, or itchy, irritated skin, then it could be that your over-priced blades are actually the problem.

Razor bumps are caused by poorly designed shaving tools and products, and a bad process. When you shave with one of those popular multi-blade razors, they tend to pull the hairs up slightly and cut them below skin level. This means that when the hairs grow back, they can curl and bend under the surface, forming painful bumps that look like a bad acne breakout.

Fortunately, relief has arrived thanks to Bevel, a new company that has been getting a lot of attention lately. From Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors and musician / entrepreneur Nas, to regular guys from all walks of life, they’re all loving Bevel’s hugely successful 5-part shaving system.

The Bevel Shaving system includes a premium priming oil to protect your skin before each shave, and a high-quality badger brush to lift the hairs away from the surface. There’s also a hydrating shave cream, and a post-shave restoring balm to repair the skin.

But the secret to Bevel’s success — and one of the key reasons why GQ gave the company their 2015 Grooming Award — is the razor itself. This single blade razor is engineered with perfectly polished edges, so it’s sharp enough for the coarsest hairs without being overly aggressive on the skin. It’s nicely weighted, fitting well in your hand for easy maneuvering, and it looks great — blending timeless simplicity with modern ergonomics.

When used together, the Bevel Shaving System helps guys achieve smoother, irritation-free skin.

This has actually been clinically proven. Bevel is the only single blade safety razor that reduces razor bumps and prevents irritation in guys with coarse, curly hair. In a four-week study, four out of five men reported an overall improvement in skin clarity, smoothness, and softness after using Bevel’s razor blades. They reported a shave that is closer than other methods they’d used, and noticed a reduction of ingrown hairs and an improvement in the appearance of razor bumps.

Bevel offers subscription plans, so you’ll never have to go to the drugstore to get shaving products again. This subscription also gives you


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