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Top 6 Conspiracies

1 : Secret Societies – New World Order


The world is controlled by secret societies that constantly create conspiracies and plots. The purpose of these societies like the Illuminati and the Freemasons is to have full control over the entire mankind. Many people believe, that Steve Jobs was a member of these secret societies. The secret societies theory is the most widespread conspiracies in the world. It is believed that the Illuminati manipulate everything – the economics, the sports, people’s minds and behavior, the governments, the education etc. There are some skeptics that think this is just an absurd theory and only people who find it easier to believe that someone else is controlling their lives believe in such stories.







2: September 11 Attacks

9/11 Attacks

14 years after the bloodiest attacks attributed officially to the “Al Qaeda”, there still are many other conspiracy theories in the US. The two airplanes took thousands of deaths and caused the collapse of the two skyscrapers of the World Trade Center in New York. 2 974 people died in the tragedy. 9/11 is usually associated with many conspiracy theories. The first question is why the U.S. Air Force couldn’t do anything about 4 stolen planes? Another interesting thing is how did the scryscapers collapsed so fast? The conspiracy theorists believe that they are demolished with controlled explosives placed inside the buildings.  The overall opinion is that the U.S. government intentionally let this tragedy to happen. But which is true and which is not? I guess we will never find out for sure.






3 : Moon Landings

Moon Landing

A very popular conspiracy theory is that the moon landings were hoaxed by the US government in order to win the space race they had with Russia back at the time. Many people believe that the U.S. actually never made it to the moon and they just faked all the photos and materials they “brought back”.  The most widespread and suspicious thing is that the U.S. American flag is waving at the surface of the moon and it obviously doesn’t care that there’s no air on the moon, which means there’s no wind too. Another phenomenon which suggests everything is fake is that there’s not a single star on any of the photographs, despite the fact there are no clouds on the moon. So, do you believe the Americans were so desperate to win the space race that they fabricated the whole thing?





4 : Aliens

Alien, UFO

One of the most controversial questions of our time is if the aliens really exist or they are just a fiction? If you have seen an alien, you can go to the next page, but if you haven’t, then you will find the conspiracy theories about the extraterrestrial life very appealing. One theory is that the governments hide information about the aliens, but they know that they exist from a very long time. Other people say that the media talks about aliens all the time so it can increase the revenues of the film industry. There’s this third group that believes it’s all fake and it’s just another trick from the governments to keep the people afraid. And then, there’s a fourth group that has seen aliens. But are there really aliens? I guess we just have to wait and we will find out…






5 : The assassination of John F. Kennedy


This is one of the biggest conspiracy theories and it is still very actual despite the fact it happened more than 50 years ago. The 35th US President is shot on 11.22.1963 in Dallas, Texas by Harvey Oswald. After the investigation that followed, it was also concluded that the killer acted alone, just by himself. Oswald was killed in the prison by a guard, two days after he was arrested, so he didn’t even get to the court for a trial. Now that looks suspicious, doesn’t it? I’d say Oswald had a very bad luck… And it gets more interesting. Some time after that an amateur video appeared, proving that they were at least three more shots that weren’t produced by Oswald’s gun. One of the many conspiracy theories that were never proven, is that CIA was involved in the assassination.





6 : Global Warming

Global Warming

Is the global warming just one big fat lie? That is a question that millions of people ask every single day. We all wonder how much truth is in the theory for the global warming. Although there are many reports by prominent  scientists that the temperature is indeed slowly rising, there are still many skeptics to deny that statement. Some conspiracy theorists are sure, that the governments of the strongest countries manipulate all the reports for the global warming for political and financial reasons, others think that scientists want more funding so they lie there’s a big problem to be solved, and there’s that third group of theorists that just need to believe that there’s some kind of conspiracy behind the global warming. Whatever the truth is, the reality is that people who live in constant fear are easier to be controlled.

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