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6 things we should learn from Taher Angel Shah

We all know Taher Shah now really well. We always criticize him a lot but there are 6 things we can also learn from him. 

We all can be angels:

Doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, according to Taher Shah we all are angels and just need to discover our capacity sooner or later.

Never afraid of criticism:

Face criticism ‘Eye to Eye’ no matter what people talks about, you should never take it seriously.

Fame is not only about getting love:

Fame is not only about getting love from people, you can earn it from any mean rather with doing something creative or just by cracking people ears with hilarious songs.

Always have confidence:

Neither you can speak English well nor you can sing well but don’t fear do whatever you want and have confidence on the talent which you don’t actually have.

Make people laugh:

Making people laugh is a tough job but making them laugh by making fun of your own is tougher. And Taher Shah always makes us laugh besides thinking of his own funny clumsy image.

Wear whatever you want:

It’s in fashion or not, will look good or odd who cares? Just wear whatever you want or wherever you want. Be your own trend setter and blow the mind of people with your blasting fashion sense.


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