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We Want PayPal in Pakistan ? Join The Campaign

Pakistan is not among the supported countries of PayPal. Due to the unavailability of this service, Pakistanis are facing the following problems:

1 – Most Sites only allow PayPal as their Payment Method (e.g Udemy), Without PayPal it is not possible to work with those sites.

2 – Managing an E-commerce Business is very difficult since PayPal is most Trusted and has least fees as compared to Payza, Skrill and 2checkout whereas , majority of E-Commerce websites rely on Paypal for charging transaction amounts from the customers

3 – There are thousand of freelancers working online and delivering quality work to customer, but the only one hurdle in their way which is getting their payments, once PayPal is available they can get Payments directly in their bank accounts without 3rd party interference and extra fees.

4 – Today most E-Commerce vendors in Pakistan are relying on Cash-on-Delivery system but For businesses it means putting extra resources for payment collection which means an additional cost of doing the business. It also involves risk as many scams occurs while delivering goods to far-flung areas.

5 – selling goods offline involves more cost as the vendors have to open physical stores but If PayPal came, Online stores can help them set up virtual stores through which they can sell anywhere in Pakistan. Which can reduce 60% cost of  vendors.

6 – Pakistani IT companies are not able to receive and send payments easily and find it difficult to sell their software and services online. If PayPal starts to operate in Pakistan it will reduce transaction cost and hassles

7 – Currently the local businessman relies on less reliable modes of payments which are not only slow but are costly too. These are Wire transfer, Western Union, Money, Skrill, Payoneer. If PayPal starts we don’t need to rely on any other modes of Payment, only itself will be enough.

8 – PayPal is not only beneficial for Individual but for the Nation, By Increase in sales the tax amount should help improve the economy rate of Pakistan. PayPal hence Improve the statistics of a nation too.

Please Do Take Part in it , Sign The Petition and Share it Forward to your Friends. We Are Hoping To See PayPal Very Soon in Pakistan.

Join The Campaign

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