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Man Diagnosed With EYE CANCER Because OF Doing THIS AT Night!

A 40-year-old man was diagnosed with eye cancer with pinkeye.

There are many scientific studies indicate that green light from mobile screen can result in death of human’s retinal cells, affect our vision. When we use mobile phone in dim light condition for a long time, electron beam will shine directly into our eye, it will make conjunctival become prolonged dry,cause eye cancer and blin

This unnamed 40-year-old man visited the doctor when he couldn’t see clearly, albumen turned red because of serious injuries. Whereby, he always use mobile phone for 30 minutes in the dark before going to sleep. It was prolonged, made his macular’s eye degraded, lead to impaired vision and signs of eye cancer.

The doctors can’t seem to do anything in this case because replacing retina is an extremely difficult job for our current medicine.

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  1. José Alberto Torres

    Hi, mi nombre es José Torres escribo desde Venezuela, yo sufro del síntoma del ojo seco. En el país me han visto los mejores médicos, pero ninguno ha podido solucionar mi problema. Si me pueden prestar apoyo estaré agradecido.

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