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When He Picked Up This Penny On The Street, He Never Expected To Find THIS On The Back!

A penny isn’t worth very much is our economy. In fact, I don’t think there’s anything you can buy for a cent these days. Still, I can’t help myself from picking them up whenever I see them…and if this story is any indication, this practice could really pay off!

Recently, a man walking down the street spotted a penny and stopped to pick it up. At first glance it was totally unremarkable, just your average penny. Only it wasn’t.

It was seemingly a Wheat Penny, originally minted some time between between 1909 and 1956.

Wheat pennies are pretty common and are worth between three and seven cents. You can spot them because they say “once cent” on the tails end. Happy with his find, he flipped it over expecting to find the familiar portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Instead, he found that the penny was totally blank! 

A blank penny or a “blank planchet” is a common treasury error. But lucky for him, these coins can be worth up to two dollars!

Sure, two dollars isn’t a fortune, but it’s a whole lot more than what he expected to find when he bent down! Think about that the next time you spot a penny on the sidewalk.



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