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These Are the Most Dangerous Types of Headache that You Should Never Ignore!

We only have one life and we should try to stay as healthy as possible. Here are the types of headache that you should never ignore:

  • Concentrated pain

The pain centered on one eye is typically a sign that there may be a blockage or swelling of the artery that supplies blood to the brain. Side effects are vomiting and dizziness.

  • As lightning

If you feel a sharp pain the head all of the sudden, that certainly is not a good sign. It may indicate that there has been or will be bleeding in the brain. This pain occurs suddenly and the first few minutes are critical!

  • Headaches with blurred vision

If your blurred vision afflicts headaches, along with harsh speech and loss of orientation, it is a serious sign that you could be threatened by a stroke.

  • Headache after training

This type of headache, occurring after some physical activity, indicates the possibility of a tumor or aneurysm (clogged arteries or islands in the brain)

  • Violation

If after a blow to the head, you feel dizziness or loss of balance, we must tell you that it is very possible that you have a concussion!

  • Chronic migraine after entering the 50th year of life

If you are middle-aged chronic migraine could mean possible occurrence of atherosclerosis in the arteries, which are associated with the brain.

  • Headache that, during 24 hours drastically worsens

Headache that does not stop within 24 hours, but, on the contrary, worsens, may indicate a stroke. Immediately see a doctor!


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